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Business Alliance
Business Alliance
Folium Sennae Granules and Powered Bacillus Tablets are both exclusive products of Aidea. Meanwhile, our main products also include Clindamycin Hydrochloride Capsules, Sodium Bicarbonate Tablets, Nitrendipine Tablets, Metronidazole Tablets, Compound Gentamycin Sulfate and Procaine Hydrochloride Sulfate Granules, Cefradine Capsules, etc.
Our products are sold in 12 provinces in China and more than 166 commercial companies have built long term relationships with Aidea. Folium Sennae Granules, one of our exclusive products, are sold in 6800 drugstores in China.
Now, due to the business expansion and development, we sincerely invite commercial companies to join us. 

You are welcome to contact Aidea for business cooperation!

  • Contact: Mr.Wang
  • Tel: +86514 – 87530666/ 13606524838
  • Address: No.2 Liuzhuang Road, Hanjiang District, Yangzhou


Jiangsu Aidea Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd
Address:No.2 Liuzhuang Road, Hanjiang District, Yangzhou
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